Rotuba continues to build on expertise and innovation and fully guarantees our products to meet industry-required specifications

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Rotuba continues to build on expertise and innovation.

Since 1945, Rotuba Extruders Inc. has manufactured high-quality products—both custom and standard—for the lighting industry.

The first company to extrude prismatic lighting sheets and profiles in Polystyrene and Acrylic, Rotuba continues to be recognized for its vision and innovation.

Our many years of experience in the lighting industry have provided us with a wealth of knowledge to help solve clients’ most complex issues. And we continue to craft new solutions for our clients, including the Custom Profile for enhanced high-angle brightness with superior bulb obscurity.




Through the years, we’ve custom extruded many common and uncommon designs, in virtually every material suitable for lighting diffusers, lenses and covers.

Additionally, we routinely produce custom sheets and profiles for specific LED lighting applications.

We also maintain one of the largest inventories of finished goods legacy lighting items.

Rotuba works very hard to accommodate rush orders, and we can maintain custom production delivery schedules to about 2-4 weeks. We also offer vendor managed inventory for just in time manufacturing needs.  The majority of our lighting products are shipped from our factory in Linden, NJ.


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